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The fact that my two favorite gamers (Markiplier and the Grumps) played Five Nights at Freddy’s made me so happy ;u; 


Rusty looked at her with dilated eyes, then dropped his gaze. His breathing was still irregular, and he was shaking pretty badly.

"p-please, you have to leave me alone…"

She blinked and handed from bread outt o her.”ehre you go.”She smiled wide.”Want some.Come on it’s good.”Her ears twitched.

10 typical perspective errors


Drawing perspective is considered one of the hardest things in art, except the mistakes usually done are pretty much always the same and can be avoided with a little care.

1. Lines not reaching the vanishing point


Well this is pretty simple to avoid but it’s the most…


//basedrussel in a nutshell



i just woke up from a dream where snoop dogg was an unquestioned class in team fortress 2




This group finally came together and I couldn’t be happier! It’s definitely my biggest accomplishment for a group to date, with 24 girls and we even got some of our friends to join us last minute which was really neat! :) The fact that they’re all my designs is a weird experience for me and it’s a little overwhelming… xD

Not all the photos are up yet but here are some of my favorites of the ones I found. I hope you enjoy!


Alice- Marie
Ana- thearctictale - Arctictale(FB)
Ariel- cassierolee - Cassierole(FB)
Aurora- NyankoChi Cosplay(FB)
Belle- Ginger Quinzel(FB)
Cinderella- Artisticpsyco Cosplay(FB)
Charlotte- raindrop-cosplay - Raindrop Cosplay(FB)
Eilonwy- Rahze Works(FB)
Elsa- Rukia Hitachiin Cosplay(FB)
Esmeralda- water-tribe-swaggah - Almost Legit Cosplay(FB)
Jane- defenderdev - Defender Dev(FB)
Jasmine- Phavorianne(FB)
Kida- ICosplayInsanity(FB)
Meg- pokemonmasterkimba - Kimba Sprite Cosplay(FB)
Merida- bridgottogelato - Gelato Cosplay(FB)
Minnie- Purple Tulip(FB)
Mulan- Mei-chan
Pocahontas- brixyfire - Brixyfire(FB)
Rapunzel- shannuckles - ShannonAlise(FB)
Sally- Almost Legit Cosplay (FB)
Snow White- Ashpash Cosplay(FB)
Tiana- Simone
Tinkerbell- Maid of Might Cosplay(FB)
Vanellope- antiaichan - Anti Ai-chan Cosplay(FB)

Adam(Beast)- Adam, Ginger Quinzel’s hubby
Milo- Elijah
Peter Pan- Emerald Archer Cosplay(FB)
Ralph- Greg

Photos are by Ben Rogers Photography and Richard Arbuckle

A group of 24! That is serially impressive